About us

mes-varices.info or how to get answers on all my questions about varicose veins

About us

My Varicose Veins Info network

Network purpose

My Varicose Vein Info is a French association under the law of 1901 offering to publish information relative to vascular diseases and their treatments. Its goal is to promote therapeutic education about vascular medecine for patients and general public.

This purpose is achieved through its proprietary website mes-varices.info.

The members

The association is composed of:

  • Honorary members:
    the three founding members who represent the Administration Board
  • Benefactor members:
    a natural or a legal person.
  • Active members:
    each active member is a natural person that currently is or has been a health care provider linked to vascular medecine.

A network of practitioners
for your vascular medicine care:

We are the group of a group of vascular physicians (angiologists) practicing in an office or clinic throughout France.

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The medical information on this site does not in any way replace the medical consultation which alone, makes it possible to establish a diagnosis and set up a protocol of care adapted to each individual case.
My-varicose-veins or "how to answer all my questions about varicose veins"