Our commitment

mes-varices.info or how to get answers on all my questions about varicose veins

Our commitment

scientific and ethical references

All the information provided on this website is the result of a work carried out by the physicians of our association. Their mission is to guarantee that the content published on this website constitutes a scientific reference as well as an ethical reference for vascular medecine (angiology). This website is designed for the patients and the general public.


The authors of this website on vascular medecine and its pathology commit themselves to:

  • respecting validated scientific evidence while taking into consideration the latest innovations at the same time.
  • providing information without any commercial interest.
  • exposing with good faith and transparency the contradictory elements (meaning pros and cons) and the reservations that might exist about the expected benefits.
  • representing a consensus of knowledge and good practice for the whole French vascular physician community.
  • expressing with caution and good sense the therapeutic indications for the good of patients ‘health and safety.

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The medical information on this site does not in any way replace the medical consultation which alone, makes it possible to establish a diagnosis and set up a protocol of care adapted to each individual case.
My-varicose-veins or "how to answer all my questions about varicose veins"