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What is microsclerotherapy?
  • Microsclerotherapy is designed for the treatment of very fine veins called reticular veins, and for the treatment of smaller capillaries called telangiectasias.
  • This treatment is mainly used for cosmetic purposes, and therefore is not reimbursed by the French social security.
  • The sclerosing agent is used in its liquid form and is injected in each vein. Depending on its size, the vein will disappear within a few days or weeks.
How is a microsclerotherapy session performed?
  • It is an in-office procedure.
  • We use a magnifying lamp to better identify these small vessels. When the small vessels are deeper, we use transillumination, which is basically the use of a light source that allows deeper vein imaging.
  • It is not a painless treatment because of the amount of needle pricks, but the discomfort is minimal.
  • One session lasts 30 minutes.
What’s next?
  • We advise you against sun exposure on the treated area, for maximum cosmetic result. This is why we generally refrain from performing sclerotherapy in the summer time.
  • Sessions are performed with an interval of 3 weeks.
What could be the risks?
  • The side-effects of microsclerotherapy can be compared to those of foam sclerotherapy, even though the treated veins are smaller and the amount of sclerosant is decreased.
  • Small blot clots called thrombi can occur where the injections took place. Depending on their size, we can remove them during the next session.

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