Telangectiasias, varicosis or how to get answers on all my questions about varicose veins

Telangectiasias, varicosis

Spider veins

Spider veins are small, dilated, superficial veins that show on the skin surface. They appear as tiny webs of red, blue or purple lines, ranging from just a few fine lines to clusters of small blood vessels.

They rarely account for any symptoms in the legs and are more of a cosmetic issue.

Spider veins do not imply underlying varicose veins: in this case, they are called “essential” (without a known cause), and are not a health issue.


Telangiectasias are tiny dilated blood vessels that show underneath the skin: small veins, small arteries and even capillaries can be involved. Telangiectasias may also occur on the face.

Both spider veins and telangiectasias are more of an aesthetic issue, and they don’t account for any symptoms in the legs.

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